The Wrangell Borough Assembly voted Tuesday to offer a contract to Corvus Design to create a master plan for the former site of the Wrangell Institute.

The contract is for $94,349 and will be paid by a grant through the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development.

The City and Borough of Wrangell is looking to develop a residential subdivision on the Institute property. The borough already owns the 130-acre Institute site, which is about five miles south of town.

Corvus Design will produce a master plan for residential development with rough plans for green belts, utility infrastructure and road access. The information will include a fiscal impact analysis and identify possible funding sources.

Wrangell received three responses to its request for proposals.

Corvus Design developed Wrangell’s Downtown Waterfront Master Plan earlier this year and designed several major projects in Wrangell.

The borough is also trying to determine if it is feasible to develop the former 6-mile mill site for marine industrial use.

The assembly decided to postpone its decision on a contract for a property assessment and feasibility study at the 110-acre mill site.

“The RFP that we received for the mill site, the committee would like to do additional work on that, including some interviews with each person that submitted an RFP,” Borough Manager Jeff Jabusch said. “And so I think they have those scheduled for later this week.”

The borough wants to explore possibilities for marine industrial development at the mill site because there is limited space for the Marine Service Center to expand at its current location in downtown Wrangell.