The Wrangell Borough Assembly is moving forward with evaluating options for marine industrial development at the former mill site six miles south of town.

The assembly voted Wednesday to offer a contract to planning firm Maul Foster & Alongi, Inc. for a property assessment and feasibility study of the 110-acre site. The borough wants to evaluate the mill site for a potential future expansion of Wrangell’s Marine Service Center and other activities.

Assembly Member Julie Decker said she helped review the proposals.

“And there were three, and they were all good, so it made it somewhat difficult,” Decker said. “We narrowed it down to two and then checked references and did phone interviews as well.”

She said Maul Foster & Alongi was recommended after that process.

“Their area of expertise is looking at property that’s going to be redeveloped, that’s been old industrial sites, whether it needs cleanup or not. They’ve been involved with all those kinds of projects,” Decker said. “So I think they’ll be very good.”

Planners and engineers will determine the cost of dealing with environmental issues and infrastructure needs. They will also complete a market demand analysis and financial analysis.

The former site of the Alaska Pulp Corporation Sawmill and, more recently, the Silver Bay Logging Mill could present some environmental challenges. There are three or four sunken barges on the tidelands, and the area was recently removed from the state’s list of contaminated properties.

The feasibility study will cost $87,000. That comes from a grant from the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development.