Wrangell’s Planning and Zoning Commission met Thursday and came close to finishing its initial review of 9,000 acres of entitlement lands.

The State of Alaska transferred a few parcels of land to the City and Borough of Wrangell, and local committees are tasked with starting the discussion of how to zone the new land.

Planning and Zoning Commissioners considered land use options for areas near Crittenden Creek, Mill Creek and Sunny Bay.

Economic Development Director Carol Rushmore said the state might eventually log behind the Crittenden Creek area, and that new parcel of borough land could also be used for settlement purposes.

“I think we should add the lumber and recreational [zoning], settlement and habitat,”  Commissioner Apryl Hutchinson said. “Because right there, our mouth of the river is depleting, and we need to keep the habitat up there as well.”

Commissioners also discussed Sunny Bay, which is often used during Alaska Crossings programs.

Commissioner Don McConachie said Sunny Bay should be zoned for recreational use.

“And then if it’s deemed that recreational would not suit the current usage, if we can identify the area that AICS is using or a larger segment if they chose to move in different venues, that we set that to some zoning that would allow them to utilize that area,” McConachie said.

The Planning and Zoning Commission still has to review areas of Zarembo Island. After that, the commission will compare its land use ideas with those of the Economic Development Committee. Zoning of entitlement lands will eventually go to the borough assembly and be open to public comment.

Click here for maps of the areas reviewed by P&Z.