Hello Wrangell! My name is Aaron Bolton. I have taken over as the reporter at KSTK, and I’m very excited to be a part of your community. I’m sure I will be crossing your path as I settle into your beautiful town. It is my first time setting foot in Alaska and everything is brand new.

I’m from Minnesota, and I have been told it’s very apparent from my accent. I grew up in a small farming community. In some respects your community is very similar, but I moved directly from Minneapolis where I lived for about four years. I’m still adjusting back to small town life, but I’m mostly missing late-night food delivery.

Outside of reporting on the news in Wrangell, you will most likely see me exploring the rest of the island. Camping and hiking are my primary hobbies. Also, if you see someone who looks too old to be on a skateboard, it’s me. I will be meeting many of you soon. It’s nice to meet you Wrangell.