Wrangell’s Elk Lodge celebrated Flag Day June 14. The holiday started back in 1777 to celebrate the adoption of the U.S. flag.

Exalted Ruler Randy Oliver kicked off the celebration.

“This service is to honor our precious flag and to celebrate the anniversary of its birth and recall achievements obtained beneath its folds,” said Oliver.

The Wrangell Elks Lodge honored the annual celebration by explaining our flag’s lineage and what it means to the organization.

Elks member Terri Stark gave the history of the eight flags preceding the 50 stars and 13 stripes.

“The evolution of the American flag marks the progression of the government of the American people. From the founding of Jamestown in Virginia 1607 until 1775, the flag of England was the flag of the peoples of America. In 1775, the pine tree flag was adopted for all colonial vessels, and this was the banner carried by the Continental forces in the battle of Bunker Hill,” said Stark as she went on to tell the history of the seven other flags.

Oliver says Flag Day celebrations took place across the country for the Elks organization.

“We’re very big on our American Flag. It’s one of the things that symbolizes what we stand for. This is an observance that the Elks across the nation observes on Flag Day. It’s a ritual we perform every year,” said Oliver.

Unwanted flags were set to be burned at the celebration but the American Legion was unable to perform the ceremony.