Wrangell is experiencing a water shortage. The borough posted on a community Facebook page this week asking residents and businesses to conserve.

Water was shut off to all harbor facilities last week and the community pool schedule has been tentative. Water has since been turned on in the harbors.

The borough says demand has increased this season and Wrangell’s treatment plant can’t produce and store enough water.

Wayne McHolland manages Wrangell’s water plant. He said in an earlier interview that the plant can produce about 1.4 million gallons per day. McHolland says Wrangell’s water consumption is typically stable. But, he says fish processors can put a strain on the system during the summer.

The public works department is testing a new type of water treatment later this month in hopes of solving the problem. Public Works Director Amber Al-Haddad says if the treatment method proves successful, the department will seek funding to convert Wrangell’s plant. The new system would add about a million gallons of storage capacity.

There is a special assembly meeting scheduled tonight at 5 pm.