With the new school year about two weeks away, students aren’t the only ones anxious about classes beginning. New Secondary School Principal, William Schwan, said he’s ready to get over the hump of being the new guy.

“That’s always an interesting start when you’re new, feeling out the new guy. What’s he going to change, what’s he not going to change? I’m anxious to get through all that and really get through and start our process to the new school year,” Schwan said.

Schwan has 27 years of background in education. He began his career in Wyoming in 1990.

“I started out as a special education teacher in Kaycee Wyoming. I was a teacher in that area for 12 years, and then decided to go to the dark side, hop into administration. I’ve been there ever since,” he said.

Schwan came to Wrangell from Dillingham where he served as the principal for both the middle and high school for four years.

“The historical perspective of Wrangell and their success and strong community ties and support for education was a major deciding factor looking at Wrangell,” Schwan said.

One goal is for Wrangell’s schools to earn Blue Ribbon status, a national award from the U.S. Department of Education given to schools for excellence, said Schwan.

“Sounds like a lofty goal, but it’s really not because the ingredients are here. We’ve got a lot of the things going already, just kind of needing someone to put that together working with the staff,” he said.

Schwan replaces Kendall Benson who was on the job for one year. The school’s previous principal served one year as well. The first day of school is Aug. 25.