Borough Manager Jeff Jabusch announced at Tuesday’s assembly meeting that he would be retiring next spring.

Jabusch took over the borough manager position three years ago after Tim Rooney left for another job. He started working for the city in December of 1979 as the finance director.

“I kind of just got done with school, and I was here,” said Jabusch. “I was actually working as a concrete finisher out at the old sewer treatment plant. So I left there on a Friday and came to work here the following Monday in December. Like I said, I never even worked in an office.”

Jabusch said when he started the only paved street in Wrangell was between Angerman’s and the Diamond C. The community has seen numerous improvements since then, the Nolan Center, a covered playground, and the current high school to name a few.

He said the most rewarding part of his job was making those improvements happen with limited funds from the city.

“Heritage Harbor which I think opened about 10 years ago, that’s almost a $30 million harbor. The budget was $6.6 million, and we were able to find other funding and other things. And, once it was all said and done, it was about $25,000,” said Jabusch.

He said he isn’t leaving town and plans to volunteer in the community.

“Years ago I was real involved in youth basketball programs. I’d like to get involved in that again, you know run the Elk’s hoop shoot for the youth kids. I enjoy doing that stuff. I will continue to referee as long as the body holds up,” he said.

Jabusch officially retires next March.