A Wrangell Assembly member and Wrangell’s mayor were sworn in today. Assembly member Julie Decker and Mayor David Jack were both reelected and took their oaths at a special assembly meeting.

New assembly member Patty Gilbert will also take her oath before Tuesday’s assembly meeting

Outgoing member Daniel Blake was given a certificate of service for his single term on the assembly. Blake said the assembly has accomplished a lot in his three years of service.

“Starting with the transfer of all of our power over to SEAPA, I think that was a good thing that happened,” he said. “Then working on paving the roads, getting a waterfront master plan in place and getting a plan in place with the six-mile mile property if that were to ever materialize.”

Blake said he decided to not run for reelection because he’s going back to school and wants to spend time with his new wife. He also said the assembly has a tough road ahead of them.

“I don’t envy my peers that are still going to be here with the state budget cuts and the money the way things are. There’s going to be some hard decisions that’s going to have to be made. Some of them will be unpopular, no doubt,” said Blake.

Various outgoing members of elected boards were also given certificates of service and incoming members have the next 30 days to be sworn in.