The former Old Sourdough Lodge will become a assisted living facility (Aaron Bolton, KSTK News)

The former Old Sourdough Lodge will become a assisted living facility (Aaron Bolton, KSTK News)

Wrangell may see a new senior and assisted living facility come to fruition this year. The 16-bedroom Old Sourdough Lodge, a 36-year-old bed and breakfast, is under new ownership and is being converted to house Wrangell’s seniors.

Shannon Bosdell and Daniel Blake purchased the Old Sourdough Lodge in late December. The new facility will be named Harbor House. Bosdell, who previously owned and managed assisted living facilities for 15 years, moved to Wrangell four years ago to retire, but started contemplating the idea of starting the operation after he saw the need.

“I saw there was such a need, and there wasn’t something like this here or not even real assisted living outside of a hospital setting,” said Bosdell. “When I heard this place was for sale, I came over here and I was like this place is perfect, all one level, easy access to every room. So, I can do a great mix of senior living and assisted living type care.”

Bosdell says they’re taking reservations now and plan to open in April. The 15,000-square-foot facility will offer 16 rooms, five for assisted living. Bosdell and Blake still need to go through the state licensing process, which is based on how many clients are served.

One of 16 rooms in the Harbor House (Aaron Bolton, KSTK News)

One of 16 rooms in the Harbor House (Aaron Bolton, KSTK News)

A doctor’s recommendation is needed for seniors that wish to receive assisted care.

Bosdell added that hospice care will also be available to Harbor House’s residents.

“I want it to be their home.  With this design, they could be in this room for 15 years and not have to move around to different facilities,” he explained.

There will also be a restaurant-style kitchen serving different meal options three times a day, 24-hour nursing and CNA staff and a 2,000-square-foot recreation area.

“Anything from exercise classes, movie night, outings, take trips out the road,” Bosdell said as he listed what activities will take place in the former lounge area. “We’re considering fishing trips for them. I’ve done that with other homes. That was really a big hit.”

Bosdell noted that a recreation director has already been hired, and that up to 15 full and part-time positions will become available.

The Planning and Zoning Commission will consider a conditional use permit for the building’s conversion next Thursday. The area is currently zoned as light industrial.

Wrangell has been in need of senior and assisted living, and is home to the second oldest population in the state. Wrangell’s local tribe, Wrangell Cooperative Association, is also seeking to build a senior-living facility.

Currently, the Wrangell Medical Center offers 14 beds for long-term care. Medical center CEO Robert Rang says the facility was full through 2016, and several former Wrangell residents, who have gone elsewhere for care, are on an informal waiting list. Wrangell also has one unassisted senior apartment complex and a volunteer non-medical hospice care group.

The Sourdough Lodge was built in 1984. Previous owners Bruce and Darlene Harding took over the lodge from family in 1990. The lodge has been for sale over the past year.