It was a competitive weekend in Haines for the Lady Wolves.  Friday’s game got off to a rocky start with Anna Allen and Kaylyn Easterly each taking three fouls in the first half. The Wolves trailed the Glacier Bears 28-23 at the end of the half. But, the Wolves had a strong presence in the third quarter, scoring 24 points and holding the Bears to just eight.

The game came to a close with the Wolves on top 62-50. Abby Armstrong put the most points on the board with 15. She sank six two-point shots and made three of eight shots from the free-throw line. Maddy Harding and Allen came in just behind Armstrong with 14 points each.

Saturday’s game went into overtime. The Wolves were on top the entire first half, but slid in the third quarter, 32-28 with Haines on top. Easterly, who scored 14 points, tied the game at 36 with 2:56 left in the fourth.

The Bears put up two points with just 23 seconds to go, but Allen sent it into overtime just a few seconds later.

The Wolves lost in overtime, 51-46.