Organizers of the recent Women’s March on Washington are now asking the millions of people who participated in the U.S. to follow them in 10 actions over the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency. Millions of women and men marched worldwide the day after Trump’s inauguration in support of women’s rights.

Jillian Privett, front, joined by Vivian Presscot, Angie Flickinger, Andi Slusser and Cyni Crary.  (Courtesy of Crary.)

Jillian Privett, front, joined by Vivian Presscot, Angie Flickinger, Andi Slusser and Cyni Crary. (Courtesy of Crary.)

The first action, listed on the march’s website, is for people to write to their senator about an issue that matters to them. After an impromptu and unofficial Women’s March in Wrangell, one local woman was spreading the word Tuesday.

“We are currently sitting here at the Nolan Center, hoping to get some folks down here to write some post cards, letters and valentine cards to their representatives to make their voices heard,” said Jillian Privett.

Privett set up a card table with valentine themed hearts with a variety topics on them. She explained it’s partially to send love but also a message.

“The Alaska Marine Highway System, public schools, preschool education for young kids, health in our rural communities and big communities,” said Privett, listing off several topics written the construction paper hearts.

Privett also added national topics into the mix such as the Dakota Access Pipeline and Flint Michigan’s issues with lead contaminated water.  Privett has been involved in few recent activist events recently. She put on a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline in December, and participated in Wrangell’s march.

Even though the events are small by comparison to other communities, Privett notes that she’s seen an uptick in people willing to voice their opinions.

“I think there’s definitely a lot more people in Wrangell in general that I noticed that are more willing to kind of open up and speak about their thoughts and feelings about certain topics even though it might not be what everyone in town agrees with,” she explained.

The letters and hearts will be sent to the Alaska congressional delegation as well as the White House. The Women’s March website has not listed its next action as of yet.