The Marijuana Control Board approved cultivation and retail licenses for Wrangell’s only proposed pot business last week. Diamond C Café owner Kelsey Martinsen has been pushing to open Happy Cannabis, a grow and retail operation, for over a year. But, he can’t open his doors just yet. 

Both licenses were approved with “delegation” according to the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office, which means Martinsen still needs to meet additional requirements. The State Fire Marshal will review Happy Cannabis’ building plans. Those plans will also be reviewed locally.

The Wrangell Borough Assembly passed two ordinances regulating and taxing marijuana businesses Tuesday. Retail establishments are restricted from selling marijuana between 6 p.m. to 8 a.m.

A local $10-per-ounce excise tax will be implemented for cultivators, and plant leftovers will be taxed at $2 per ounce. The state also charges $50 per ounce for pot and $15 per ounce for plant remains.

Martinsen says with the local excise tax passed, he’s still evaluating his next steps. He declined to comment further for this story.