KSTK has a job opening for a full time News Reporter.  A Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism or equivalent experience and training is required.  Must be proficient with broadcast master control room and production room equipment, portable recording devices, automation systems, audio editing software and website posting.   Must be able to demonstrate skills in broadcast journalism including live and recorded on-air presentation and delivery.  Interested individuals may submit letter of interest, resume and references to KSTK General Manager Cindy Sweat by email: cindy@kstk.org.  The job description is listed below:



  1. Beat and assignment reporting
  2. Research, write, and produce news reports and features with a weekly goal of 8 or more reports
  3. File reports to network FTP sites and the KSTK website
  4. Provide spot coverage of breaking news, including live two-way reporting
  5. News coverage
  6. Host news broadcasts, including newscasts, live interviews and call-ins
  7. Host live news coverage of government meetings, elections, special events, regional issues, and community functions, including sports
  8. News Department
  9. Seek edits and feedback from regional news director or APRN staff
  10. Re-write copy as needed
  11. Maintain news archive and story files
  12. Other duties as assigned

The KSTK news department is a collaborative effort with other CoastAlaska news reporters. Daily local news reports and multiple weekly news content posted to the KSTK website are expected. Contribute regularly to CoastAlaska’s regional news stream and the Alaska Public Radio Network statewide news stream. Reports must represent multiple viewpoints/voices and be packaged for use by sister stations.    

 Position Supervision: Reports directly to General Manager and works regularly with CoastAlaska Regional News Director.

 Position Qualifications

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Journalism or a related field, or equivalent experience and training.
  2. Demonstrated skills in broadcast journalism including on-air presentation and delivery in a live hosting role.
  3. Ability to operate control room equipment, portable recording devices, automation systems, audio editing software and website posting.
  4. Knowledge of the legal and ethical aspects of news reporting.
  5. Work with staff and public in cooperative, professional manner.
  1. Ability to work under deadline pressure with a minimum of supervision.
  2. Exceptional organizational and time management skills.
  1. Ability to work a flexible schedule, including evenings and weekends.

Staff Duties

  1. Attend staff meetings and other meetings as called by the General Manager.
  2. Attend CoastAlaska news staff meetings and trainings.
  3. Attend KSTK Annual Meetings and community station events.
  4. Participate in on-air fund drives.