Recreation and Road report for September 12th to September 19th.


Road Conditions/Construction:

  • The last ½ mile of the Fools Crossing Road 6273 is closed to all traffic due to damage from landslides.
  • On Etolin Island, a recent landslide on the Anita Bay road system has blocked Fishtrap Road 51540 at five mile.
  • On Wrangell Island – Ketchikan Ready Mix is doing road maintenance work on Old Hermit Road 50051. This is also referred to as the “Graffiti Rock Road” and it begins at the end of the Pats Lake Road.  While the Old Hermit Road is currently not closed to public use, motorists are encouraged to avoid the project area while activity is ongoing. 

Logging Traffic:

  • On Zarembo Island, there will be log hauling and logging operations in the St. Johns area from the FS 6585/Snow Pass road and the 52026 road.
  • On Etolin Island, Logging Operations are starting at Anita Bay. Timber falling operations are ongoing on the 51544 road. Vehicles parked at the ramp and bulkhead area need to be moved.  If you are unable to move your vehicle please contact the Wrangell Ranger District at 874-2323 or Mike Allen.
  • There are pre-commercial thinning crews working on Zarembo Island.

Recreational Reminders:

  • National Visitor Use Monitoring Surveys are being conducted in Wrangell this year. This is a national voluntary survey conducted to monitor forest recreation use. The information collected is used for National Forest funding & planning, so please stop & give a few moments of your time when you encounter surveyors at recreation sites or receive phone calls asking about cabin visits.
  • And with deer hunting season underway, remember to have fun but be safe. Just a reminder that it is illegal and unsafe to shoot from, across or along roadways, and it is also against regulations to discharge firearms within 150 yards of a developed recreation site, including public cabins.   
  • And with moose season starting, don’t forget to come by the district office and get your free permit for chainsaw and winch use upriver; the permits are required for use of this motorized equipment in the Stikine-LeConte Wilderness.

Anan Wildlife Observatory

  • Anan is no longer staffed, and permits are no longer required to visit. After the permit season ends, there is often still bear activity, so visitors should take precautions and read posted safety material and regulations at the trailhead.

This announcement is courtesy of KSTK and your Wrangell Ranger District and can be found posted online at Thank you for listening.