Wrangell police last week charged a man with the burglary of a women’s apparel store. The store owner says the suspect didn’t take much, mostly just women’s underwear. 

Police charged 45-year-old David Johnson with breaking into and stealing from the Silver Linings boutique. Johnson is accused of criminal trespass and theft in less than $250. Both charges are class B misdemeanors.

Terie Loomis is the owner of Silver Linings. Loomis says under $150 dollars’ worth of women’s underwear and a cell phone accessory were missing.

After noticing her product had been tampered with, Loomis checked her security cameras.

“We found the video. It was really shocking to see the person coming through the window, because I totally thought it was going to be a girl,” Loomis says.  “It was really shocking to see a big ole dude come through my window.” 

She says after posting about the incident on Facebook, folks in Wrangell reached out to her.

“It was very unnerving for someone to enter what I feel is my safe space and to see someone come in there,” Loomis says. “It definitely felt like a violation upon me personally. So to have the community come together and show that support meant a lot to me.”

According to court records, Johnson admitted his role in the burglary. He’s scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday, January 30th.