Wrangell Public Schools Superintendent Patrick Mayer will leave his job at the district near the end of this school year. He will finish out his term on June 30th.

Georgianna Buhler is the school board president. She says that the superintendent and board could not come to terms on Mayer’s salary for the upcoming year.

“Well mostly it was around compensation, given the flat funding with the state and the issues with the state budget and the uncertainty of how much we’re going to be getting,” Buhler says. “We just didn’t feel that there was much that we could do.”

The latest school budget draft allocates $126,831 for next year’s superintendent contract.

Mayer will have served as Wrangell’s superintendent for 4 years. He came to Wrangell after working as a high school principal in Delta Junction.

He did not reply for comment by deadline.