School teachers in Wrangell want the district to overhaul its safety protocol.  This comes in light of the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, where 17 people were killed. 

The Wrangell Teacher’s Association says more needs to be done to prevent and respond to active shooter situations.

The teacher’s union presented a list of requests to the school board this week. They include further staff training, and involving the community and law enforcement officials in reviewing safety policy. Another suggestion calls for adding multiple exits to every room.

“We live in a community where people have regular access to firearms of similar capabilities to firearms used in recent school violence,” says Wrangell Teacher’s Association President Ryan Howe.

Diane O’Brian is a parent in the district.

“Wrangell’s safe until it’s not,” O’Brien says. “We have had our issues. We have had our tragedies. Don’t let this go by the wayside.”

She wants more secure entrances to the schools, so the administration knows exactly who is in the buildings.

“I know people like to move around freely but really, there’s just not enough security around buildings,” she says. “There’s nobody monitoring outside the buildings. So, we need to be proactive and show that we care about our students and faculty.”

Across the nation, students are planning to walk out of school on March 14th to demand legislative action. O’Brien says she hopes local students take part in that national protest.