The City of Wrangell is no longer on a water advisory. The reservoir levels are full and snow packs are slowly but surely melting.

Public Works Director Amber Al-Haddad says the water watch may return, since weather forecasts still predict a dryer than normal Spring. Even without an advisory, conservation efforts are always appreciated, she says.

The city declared a water emergency in mid-March. The lack of rainfall and cold temperatures were to blame.

The city also came out with an estimate that over a third of its water is being lost due to unknown leaks in the system. Since then, it conducted a city-wide survey for leaks. It found two problem areas in the water main. One was on Spring Street off Evergreen Avenue. It was leaking 20 gallons per minute. That leak has been fixed.

The other leak is on Bennett Street across from the senior living apartments. The city is waiting on equipment before it can fix this, so that the hospital does not have to go without water during repairs. Folks in the senior apartments will not have water during those repairs. Al-Haddad says that should take less than a day to resolve.