One of the city’s efforts to meet this summer’s water demands has not panned out.

The city had planned to purchase new roughing filters for the water treatment plant at $500,000. Public works tested out a small version of the filter and found that it provided no significant improvement. Amber Al-Haddad is the city’s public works director.

It’s with some disappointment that the pilot plant that we’ve been testing for the past six weeks is not producing the results that we had hoped.”

The hope was that the new filters would clear out more of the color in the water, speeding things up at the water plant, which is not producing water fast enough for the city during peak consumption.

 “And as disappointing as it is, it would be more disappointing to spend half a million dollars on a project that didn’t work.”

The city has hired one seasonal worker to help at the plant this summer. It plans to hire another worker. Call public works if you are interested in that position.  

The city is still on track to build a new water treatment plant in about three years.