Descendants of one of Wrangell’s most prominent, historic families is visiting the island town next week. The visiting group includes 14 family members who can trace their roots back to Baron Ferdinand von Wrangel, a 19th century Russian explorer and the namesake of the Southeast town.

The visiting family is coming from all over the world, Sweden, Germany, and the Seattle area. They are visiting Sitka and Wrangell, where they will be welcomed by the Friends of the Museum.

Janell Privett is part of the local group. Privett says the group decided to retrace some of the late explorer’s destinations.

Wrangel was appointed governor of Russia’s Alaska territory in 1829 and later became president of the Russian-American Company. The Russians established a fort on the island in 1834. That establishment, along with Tlingit Chief Shake’s village formed the parameters of the town today.

The Nolan Center will hold a reception for the guests from 4pm to 6pm, Tuesday July 24th. Museum personnel say the family will be visiting some of Wrangell’s best natural attractions such as the Stikine River and the Anan Bear Observatory.