The town of Telegraph Creek, B.C. sits on the Stikine River 40 miles from the U.S.- Canadian border. (Joe Viechnicki/KFSK)

British Columbia wildfires have hit the town of Telegraph Creek.

The British Columbia Wildfire Service ordered the evacuation of Telegraph Creek last Sunday. Telegraph sits on the Stikine River and is the closet Canadian town to Wrangell, Alaska.

The fire is at Alkali Lake, just three miles northwest of the town. The winds are blowing the fire northeastward.

Tuesday morning the service expanded the order up to but not including Dease Lake to the Caribou Creek Camp.

The other fire nearby is the South Stikine River fire.

Jody Lucius with the Wildfire Service says most of the residents of Telegraph Creek have evacuated, mostly to Dease Lake.

Twenty-five fires are affecting the northwest Cassiar Zone of British Colombia.

About 300 residents live in Telegraph, most belonging to the Tahltan First Nation. Lucius says the Tahltan Nation confirmed 27 buildings have been damaged.

More information is available on the British Columbia Wildfire Service’s website. A Telegraph Creek fire Facebook page has updates from the community.