This is the weekly Recreation and Road report for August 7th – August 14th


Andrea Laughlin - image

Fireweed at Inner Harbor
by Andrea Laughlin

Road Conditions/Construction:  

  • On Wrangell Island, the rockslide across the Fools Crossing Road 6273 has been repaired.
  • There will be bridge repair work occurring on FS Roads 6299 & 6270, which are the roads that go out to Fools & Thoms Creeks, and on the FS road 50041 by Highbush Lake. This work will involve a concrete truck traveling out the road.
  • Be cautious driving the Highbush Lake Road 50040 as there is some road erosion occurring.
  • Watch for road blading on the Nemo Loop 6267.

Logging Traffic:

  • On Zarembo Island, log trucks are hauling from the 6585 Snow Pass road, 52026 High Road and the 52089 Zarembo Lake Road into St Johns LTF.
  • On Etolin Island, logging activity at Anita Bay is ongoing on the 6546 Mosman Road and there are log trucks hauling to the Anita Bay scale yard and dock area.

Recreational Reminders:

  • Due to reduced budgets, the Forest Service is not guaranteeing a supply of firewood at cabins and campsites at this time, except at Middle Ridge Cabin, which is stocked with firewood supplied by the Stikine Sportmens Association.
  • With all the dry weather we’ve been having this summer, it is a good reminder to please be careful with your campfires and make sure they are extinguished before leaving.
  • With the increased bear sightings near town and on popular trails this year, it is a good reminder to always be bear aware, such as making noise to avoid surprising them when out walking, and to remember to keep food items, garbage, and pet food stored indoors.
  • And with the start of deer season, we would like to remind everyone that it is illegal and unsafe to shoot from, across or along roadways.

Anan Wildlife Observatory:

  • Permits are required for visiting Anan until August 25th. Requests for the lottery of a limited amount of Anan Permits are being accepted in-person at the Wrangell District front desk.
  • And for safety reasons, we ask that visitors please try to avoid boating in the lagoon during the permit season, as it has been observed that the noise can push bears into folks walking along the trail.

Community Programs:

  • The “Read with a Ranger” program has ended for the summer, but families can now join us to “Explore with a Ranger” on Friday mornings in August. This program is for young children with their caregivers. We will be the Volunteer Park nature trail on Friday, August 10th & 17th from 10:30-11:30 am.
  • Also join us at the Nemo Host Site for the weekly potluck this Friday, August 10th. The Nemo Host Site is the first developed site on the Nemo Recreation Loop, approximately 14 miles south of Wrangell. The potluck begins around 6pm.  All are welcome.

This announcement is courtesy of KSTK and your Wrangell Ranger District.. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact the Wrangell Ranger District Office at 907-874-2323.