Bob Robbins has owned the Wrangell store for 18 years, and has operated it for 30 years. (June Leffler/ KSTK)


One of Wrangell’s locally-owned grocery stores will soon switch hands. Bob Robbins of Bobs’ IGA is selling his business after 30 years of working at the store.

“First of all, to dispel the rumors that are going around, Bobs’ IGA is not going out of business. I am not closing the store,” Robbins said.

Robbins says nothing is set yet, and negotiations are still in the works.

Mike Ward buying the store. He is a long-time Haines resident. He owns the IGA there, as well as the Harbor Bar and Quick Shop.

“[Mike] intends to continue to operate this as an IGA store here in Wrangell,” Robbins said.

Ward will own the store from afar, but his daughter and son-in-law will help operate the store in Wrangell. Caroline and Travis Bangs live in Wrangell, where Travis grew up and Caroline graduated high school.



Robbins has managed the store for 30 years and has owned it for 18 years.

“I actually got into retail grocery 42 years ago working for Safeway in the Seattle area,” Robbins said. “It’s been quite a career, and I guess officially it’s not over yet, but it’s just time to move on with our lives.”

Robbins doesn’t have any big plans after the sale yet. Him and his wife Bobbie will stick around in Wrangell and continue to work on their bowling game.