City elections are on October 2nd.  Here’s what the ballot looks like.

  • Mayor (one seat, two-year term): Carl Carlisle and Stephen Prysunka
  • Assembly (two seats, three-year terms): David Powell
  • Port Commission (two seats, three-year terms): Brian Merritt and John Martin
  • School Board (two seats, three-year terms): Aaron Angerman, Brian Ashton, Jennifer Bates, Karey Losinski and Aleisha Mollen
  • School Board (one seat, one-year term): Leeann Martin, David Powell and Annya Ritchie
  • Hospital Board (two seats, four-year terms): Olinda Chaffee-White
  • Hospital Board (one seat, one-year term): none

Candidates had to file with the city by last Friday. Write-ins will be accepted, but the candidate needs to file with the city by September 28th to actually be considered.

Assembly member Steve Prysunka is running for mayor. His sole opponent is Carl Carlisle.

Current mayor David Jack said he will not be running for re-election. He was first elected mayor in 2012 and served on the assembly before that.

Assembly member David Powell is running for re-election this year. No one else has submitted their intent to run for assembly, potentially leaving two seats unfilled, if Prysunka does become mayor.

Drew Larrabee had filled in for Becky Rooney, once she stepped down. He will end his appointed term this October.

Eight candidates filed for three open seats on the school board. Brian Ashton, Jennifer Bates, Aaron Angerman, Karey Losinski and Aleisha Mollen are running for two seats with three-year terms. Annya Ritchie, David Powell and Leann Martin are running for one seat with a one-year term. Tammy Groshong is leaving the board, and Wrangell, as her husband took the police chief position in Hoonah. Recent school board president Georgianna Buehler left her seat to pursue a job at the schools.

John Martin and Brian Merritt are running for two seats on the port commission.

There are three open hospital board seats. Olinda Chaffee-White. Though, if SEARHC does buy and operate the Wrangell Medical Center, the current local board would likely become an advisory board no longer capable of governing.