This is the weekly Recreation and Road report for August 12 – 19


Road Conditions/Construction:

Logging Traffic:

  • On Zarembo Island, the Snow Pass Road 6585 will be closed around milepost 2 from 6am to 4pm daily due to yarding activity. This closure has been extended to last until approximately the end of September.
  • Also on Zarembo, there is logging road construction on 52014 Road, which is the road across from the Alpine Rd. Also watch for logging traffic from the 6585 Snow Pass road, 52026 High Road and the 52089 Zarembo Lakes Road into St Johns LTF.
  • On Etolin Island, logging activity at Anita Bay is ongoing on the 6546 Mosman Road and there are log trucks hauling to the Anita Bay scale yard and dock area.

Recreational Reminders:

  • Due to reduced budgets, the Forest Service is not guaranteeing a supply of firewood at cabins and campsites at this time, except at Middle Ridge Cabin, which is stocked with firewood supplied by the Stikine Sportmens Association.
  • With all the dry weather we’ve been having this summer, it is a good reminder to please be careful with your campfires and make sure they are extinguished before leaving your site.
  • With deer season underway, we would like to remind everyone that it is illegal and unsafe to shoot from, across or along roadways.
  • And with moose season starting soon, we would like to provide a reminder that there are free permits available at the district office for possession and/or use of motorized winches and chainsaws in the Stikine-LeConte Wilderness. Winch permits are used by moose hunters for dragging out their harvest, and chainsaw permits allow for the gathering of subsistence fuelwood from non-green trees. The possession or use of these motorized equipment in the Wilderness without a permit could be a violation.

Anan Wildlife Observatory:

  • Permits are no longer required to visit Anan, but there could still be bear activity, so visitors should take precautions and read posted safety material and regulations at the trailhead.

Community Programs:

  • We are celebrating National Public Lands Day this year with a weekend of learning about our forest fungus. Ecologist Kate Mohatt will be in Wrangell to give 2 public presentations. On Friday, September 21st, she will give her presentation “Common mushrooms of the Alaska Coast” at 5pm at the Nolan Center. Then on Saturday, September 22nd, there will be a walk starting at 10am to look for and identify mushrooms. Walk location will be announced next week.


This announcement is courtesy of KSTK and your Wrangell Ranger District .  Thank you for listening.