Last Thursday, a man was killed in a car wreck in Wrangell.

48-year-old Steve Bullock died in a single-car wreck on Zimovia Highway near 6 mile. He has five kids, the oldest being 29 and the youngest 22. And eight grandchildren.

He moved up to Wrangell in July with his girlfriend of four years, Jody Woolman.

“He’s the most sweetest kindest person. The most amazing father, he loved my kids just like they were his own,” says Woolman.

Woolman says Bullock had lived in Wrangell before. Woolman manages the Harbor House in town. Bullock planned to pursue a commercial fishing career.

“He just loved it here the community, the people, the land everything,” she says. “He’s been trying to get up here for years and he finally got his dream come true. So at least he was happy when he died.”

Bullock was originally from Utah, but spent the last 17 years in Arizona.

22-year-old Johnathan Bates was also in the car. He says Bullock and him were at the shooting range when they decided to leave in Bullock’s car. They were taking turns driving.

“He took a right hand turn out the road till we got past the bluffs. That’s where things turned pretty grey,” says Bates.

Bullock was driving south. His car left the pavement and went into an embankment, then hitting a cliff.

“I believe he was going about 65 around the corner,” bates says. “Swerved into the opposite lane, that’s when we lost control, I think he tried to over correct it.”

Police were called to the scene at 7:30.

“I busted the window out on the passenger side, crawled through, walked down the road a little bit, waved a car down,” says Bates.

He was stitched up at the hospital but had no injuries. He was released from the hospital around 3 AM the next morning.

Bullock’s funeral will be on October 18th in Utah.