Alaska Sprouts Seeds of Change is a teen program program lead by Jillian Privett with the financial support of SEARHC and Wrangell Cooperative Association. (Photo Courtesy of Wrangell Parks and Rec)


Last Saturday, Wrangell held its first “teen night” at the old boys and girls club. The program provides a safe, fun, educational space for Wrangell’s youth. 


Tonight we have pizza making and the art of rock painting. And creative writing with Vivian Faith-Prescott,” said Jillian Privett. She organizes the Alaska Sprouts Seeds of Change program.

8th to 12th graders gathered around tables filled with paints, poetry, and an array of snacks. The night got off to a quiet start with only about 10-12 kids in attendance, but as the night went on everyone became more comfortable.

At one of the tables, the teens are writing “blackout poetry”. You take a piece of text, like a page from a book. Then you cross out certain words, forming your own poem.

The program is supported by a grant from the local tribe.

What am I trying to accomplish through Alaska Sprouts. To have a fun place for teens to come and hang out on a Saturday night,” said Privett. “Maybe to learn something in the process and walk away maybe meeting a new person.”

The next teen night will be on October 13th, this time promising edible science, tiny sketchbooks, and grilled cheese sandwiches.