Wrangell’s city elections are next Tuesday. So we were curious, how many people actually make it to the polls?

Last year, only 16 percent of registered voters cast their ballot in the city elections. Voter turnout in Wrangell has been steadily declining. Five years ago, almost a half of registered voters came out.

Of course, that all changes for state and national elections. 60 percent of voters came out for 2016’s presidential race.

But there’s no question, your vote goes further in local elections.

Under 300 voters decided who would serve on the Borough Assembly, School Board and other elected positions in 2017. That means just a few votes can sway a race.

Last year school board member Dave Wilson won his race by just two votes.

Tuesday, October 2nd is election day. Contact City Hall if you are interested in absentee voting, you know, in case you’ll be out moose hunting.