(Left to right) Kira Torvend, Robyn Booker, and Tasha Morse. Booker recently sung in the All-State Music Festival, the first time for a Wrangell student in 10 years.



One year ago, KSTK interviewed high school student Robyn Booker about her experience singing at the All-State Music Festival. It’s when the best high school singers and musicians get together for a weekend of performances.  This marks the second year in a row that she was accepted into the program. 

Booker was the first Wrangell student in 10 years to attend the festival. And last month, she found out she got accepted for a second time. This year over 400 choir students auditioned and about a third got in. This level of competition seems nerve racking, but Booker wasn’t worried about singing. She remembers her last trip to Anchorage.

“So we were driving along, and then this car comes up and it decides to pass us, like the moron that it is,” she said. “And then we get flooded with all this snow, so we can’t see what lane we’re in, and were just sitting there  like ‘Wow, better just turn on some tunes to die to.’ And the tune that comes on is ABC’s sing with me, so that’s the song I’m going to die to is the ABC’s.”

Booker is more confident with her voice. She says that her audition was better than last year’s. She plans on continuing music and choir for the rest of high school, but what about after she graduates?

“I’d love to become some sort of songwriter or performer and if that doesn’t happen, well, I’ll become some sort of scientist and sing to my cells,” she said.

hardly anyone from Wrangell auditioned. Booker says this can leave her feeling kinda lonely.

“Mrs. Morse is good company, but she’s not a high school student and I would love it if some of my high school compadres would at least try their best,” she said. “And I know Laura, she is so good at the flute.”

I’m not that great.

“Did you know that she made it to honor fest last year?” said Booker. “Can we get a round of applause?”

Thanks, Robyn…I wish I could be there when you travel to Anchorage next week.