Monday, some Wrangell Public School parents did not send their kids to school. They had safety concerns and a lot of questions.

Sunday, the district received a report of a threatening social media post. The district did not describe it. But an image is circulating on social media. It shows a hand posed as a gun with the words “don’t go to school Monday.” The image does not display any actual weapons.

The police investigated the situation and are not filing any charges. The district says police interviewed the student. The student said they did not understand how seriously his post would be taken.

The district did not say what disciplinary action the student would receive. Superintendent Debbie Lancaster said that a threat warrants three to ten days suspension.

The district held a public meeting yesterday to field questions from parents. They expressed interests in active shooter training, better monitoring who comes into the buildings, and a reentry strategy for the delinquent student.

The district declined our request for comment.