The Wrangell Wolves wrapped up their conference season last week at the regionals tournament in Sitka. The Lady Wolves took the championship in their 2A Southeast division, and they will be heading to the state playoffs.

The Lady Wolves were poised to take the regional tournament title. They came in as first seed, giving them a bye the first day. The girls beat out Petersburg and then Metlakatla to take the title.

The boys didn’t fare as well during regionals. They lost their first game to Petersburg, putting them in the losers’ bracket. They beat Craig but then lost to Haines Friday morning.

“I just don’t think the effort was quite there,” Coach Cody Angerman said. “Haines is a good team and they worked hard. But at the same time we didn’t quite show up.”

Angerman was definitely bummed Friday, but he knows losing can build character in these young men.

“This isn’t the result we wanted or the outcome we wanted, but we’re just going to keep our heads up and display ourselves with some class.”

The girls will be heading to the state tournament to play other 2A teams across Alaska. That will be held in Anchorage from March 14-16.
They face Unalakleet this Thursday at 12:30 pm.

Last year the Lady wolves got 4th place at state.