During the highs and lows of the Wrangell Wolves basketball season, Wrangell’s pep band has been there to rock out. KSTK’s Laura Helgeson plays flute, and bass, for the band. She photographed the Wrangell Wolves season, from the side of those that bring us the music.

Bruce Smith getting “GO BIG RED” painted on his face before the last home game of the season. (Laura Helgeson/ KSTK)

The Pep Band Director/Tenor Sax Player Tasha Morse holding up a “wolf” along with the cheerleaders during a free throw. (Laura Helgeson/ KSTK)

The Wrangell Pep Band’s specialty is classic rock. Old Time Rock Roll, Louie Louie, Zoot Suit Riot, etc. (Laura Helgeson/ KSTK)

Skylar Larrabee waiting bored in the ferry terminal lobby. The southeast regional tournament is the pep band’s only trip of the year. (Laura Helgeson/ KSTK)

The ferry trip from Wrangell to Sitka is about 17 hours long. Technology kept us occupied on the way. (Laura Helgeson/ KSTK)

Tyson Messmer is a basketball player, Tasha Massin is in pep band. The basketball, pep band, and cheerleaders all travel together. Here they are passing the time. (Laura Helgeson/ KSTK)

Four different members brought their Nintendo Switches on the ferry, lots of Smash Bros was played. (Laura Helgeson/ KSTK)

Terra Hoyt whispers an inside joke to Jade Balansag. (Laura Helgeson/ KSTK)

Jonah Comstock and Tyson Messmer waiting for the ferry to dock in Sitka. The city of Sitka is located on the western side of Baranoff Island. The Regions tournament was hosted by the local boarding school Mount Edgecumbe High School. (Laura Helgeson/ KSTK)

Here we are driving to Mount Edgecumb High School in a bus we shared with the cheerleaders. Terra Hoyt jams to some nostalgic music. (Laura Helgeson/ KSTK)

(Laura Helgeson/ KSTK)

Sophie O’Brien french braiding Madison Blackburn’s hair in preparation for the boys game against Petersburg. (Laura Helgeson/ KSTK)

The Wrangell Pep Band had 13 members, more than they’ve had in several years. Front (Left to Right): Coby Holder (trumpet, junior), Jimmy Baggen (clarinet, freshman), Jacob Allen (trumpet, sophomore), Bruce Smith (clarinet, sophomore), Adriana Larrabee (clarinet, Junior), Tasha Massin (clarinet, Junior), Madison Blackburn (Saxophone, Junior), Bottom (Left to Right): Sophie O’Brien (flute, freshman), Skylar Larrabee (flute, junior), Terra Hoyt (saxophone, sophomore), Laura Helgeson (bass, junior) Not Pictured: Jade Balansag (trombone, sophomore), Jamie Early (saxophone, sophomore), Jonah Comstock (drums, junior)

Getting ready for a game is not only a way of expressing school spirit but a way to get the energy up. This includes face paint, body paint, boas, sunglasses. Tasha Massin was one of the most spirited members, despite the fact it was her first year playing in the band. (Laura Helgeson/ KSTK)

Jade Balansag dancing to the Petersburg pep band during a timeout in the 4th quarter. (Laura Helgeson/ KSTK)

Balansag was one of many pep band members who were also basketball players. These included Jamie Early, Madison Blackburn, Coby Holder, Jacob Allen, and Jonah Comstock. (Laura Helgeson/ KSTK)

This picture was taken the day before Coby Holder painted his entire body red. He was pink for several days. (Laura Helgeson/ KSTK)

Moments before the game started, Jacob Allen ripped the sleeves off his tee shirt for a more hardcore look. (Laura Helgeson/ KSTK)

(Laura Helgeson/ KSTK)

By the end of the tournament, the Wrangell girls team won the championship with the cheerleaders, parents, and pep band cheering them on. (Laura Helgeson/ KSTK)