Erin Matthes will be in Wrangell Friday to give a workshop on how to support those that are grieving the loss of a parent, spouse, child, etc. She gave us a rundown of what to expect at the workshop and her philosophy around bereavement.

You may have heard of the stages of grief, or how to move on. But Matthes believes these markers are arbitrary and just don’t line up with people’s unique experiences.

“If you think of grief being equated to love, we would never expect people to stop loving their person, even after they’ve died. So why would we expect that they stop grieving for them,” Matthes says.

Matthes says the workshop isn’t just for counselors, it’s for everyone. The workshop also includes a discussion of how to help children cope with loss.

The event is Friday from 6pm to 8PM at the SEARHC medical clinic. Hospice of Wrangell, also known as Harriet’s Helpers, will provide refreshments for the session.