The City of Wrangell has responded to a civil lawsuit filed last month. Wrangell resident Kipha, or “Kip”, Valvoda alleges in his complaint that the city discriminated against him in its hiring process for the past seven years. Valvoda also alleges a level of cronyism in city hiring.

The city filed a motion requesting the court order Valvoda to better explain his complaint. An Anchorage-based lawyer for the city wrote that the plaintiff’s claims are put in “only the most general terms” and are “devoid of factual bases”.

Superior Court Judge Kevin Miller granted the city’s motion.

Valvoda now has until April 22nd to explain his claims and the specific laws he believes the defendants have violated. These could include city ordinances or Equal Opportunity Employment regulations.

There are eight defendants in the suit. Those include most of the previous assembly lead by then mayor David Jack. Jack, Steve Prysunka, Drew Larabee, Julie Decker, Patti Gilbert and Roland Howell received summons for this complaint. As well as City Manager Lisa Von Bargen and Capital Facilities Director Amber Al-Haddad.

Valvoda is seeking $700,000 in damages. He is also requesting all defendants and their immediate relatives be barred from holding current and future city positions.