The Wrangell Assembly is meeting throughout this month to finalize its 2020 budget. This week, Wrangell Public Schools presented its budget to the assembly.

At this point the district is assuming no cuts from its state funding. While the district had anticipated roughly $1 million in cuts after Gov. Mike Dunleavy released his budget, Alaska’s House and Senate support full funding. Instead the district expects about $100,000 more from its per student contribution from the state.

The district provided its $6.3 million budget to the city. Expenditures are roughly $250,000 less than last year’s initial budget.

The city is expected to contribute over $600,000 to the district, in addition to funds for school bond debt reimbursement, Secure Rural School funding, and capital improvement funding. Those improvements include sidewalk repair at both schools.

The district hasn’t pink-slipped any teachers, but it won’t rehire for certain positions. The high school will hire a part-time academic counselor and part-time art teacher, rather than full time positions. The elementary school will lose a classroom teacher as it bumps third grade teacher Jenn Miller into an assistant principal role. The elementary school will not rehire a principal. Two aides will be added, one to each school.

The district said it may raise school lunches by 50 cents. The district is assuming an increase in enrollment next year with 316 students total.

The full budget is available online.