A poll of 600 likely voters found Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s approval ratings dropped following his roughly $400 million in vetoes. 

The Midnight Sun, a left-leaning political blog, first reported the results. Some of the governor’s lowest approval rates were in Southeast Alaska.

KSTK did a little polling of its own in Wrangell, where Dunleavy picked up about 65 percent of the vote. All interviewees said they did vote for the governor.

“We need to cut spending, because we need to do it voluntarily, or we do it like Venezuela. Take a look at it. They’re starving. People are leaving the country. Chaos, crime, too much socialism. If you can’t pay for it, don’t do it.” – Steve Murphy

What’s necessary is necessary. I mean, sure, we’re going to have to adapt. Is it you know, extreme? Yeah, I think it’s… the state’s in debt. Is it worth a big fat dividend? Probably not, at least not to me.” – Lane Fitzgerald 

“If you were running your life, the way the government is running its life, you would be cut off by every store downtown. And I mean, how many universities do we need? Do we have to have a big university in every large community in Southeast Alaska and the rest of the state? We’d be cheaper and better off probably as, as a community or as a state to buy everybody a computer and do classes online. And it’s forcing the question, we’ve got to look at it. You know, do people want a PFD? Do they not want a PFD? Do we want to have a state income tax or do we want to reduce government? I want them all.”- Bill Privett