The Wrangell Senior suddenly suspended operations this week. That means roughly 30 seniors aren’t getting the lunches they expect. Plus, seniors aren’t getting the rides they need.

“We are very sad that the services are not available, this is just a very temporary thing. And as soon as we can we’ll get services back up and running again,” said Marrianne Mills, the program Director for Southeast Senior Services.

The local center shut down for the week due to a staffing shortage.

“It just went very fast, we didn’t have time to arrange alternatives, but that would have been ideal,” Mills said.

The center had received resignations from the manager and a cook in advance, but the center just recently let go of its only driver.

The new manager, Tom Jenkins, says home meals and transportation services will resume next Tuesday. Lunches in the dining room are on hold until the center hires one more person.

Wrangell’s and other southeast senior center are part of Catholic Community Services.

To apply for the kitchen or driver position, contact Catholic Community Services Juneau at