Aaron Angerman is a rep on Wrangell’s school board. (June Leffler/ KSTK)

Talk on the Rock is KSTK’s live call-in show. Every Tuesday at 1pm we welcome a local guest to discuss events and topics of interest to our little island town. For this week’s episode, host June Leffler spoke with Aaron Angerman, a parent and school board rep. Aaron says much of his time on the board has been dedicated to figuring out a budget in the mist of cuts from both the state and the city. Now the district is having to do more with less. That’s partly why Aaron encourages folks to get involved in the school in whatever way makes sense to them. Those opportunities can look like serving on the board or a committee, or volunteering in the classroom or during school events.

The last day to submit interest for serving on the school board, and all other city seats, is this Friday. The district can answer any school specific questions.