The ballot for Wrangell’s city elections is finalized. Candidates submitted their intent to run by last week.

Four seats are open on the city’s highest governing board. Julie Decker, Patti Gilbert, and Anne Morrison are running for re-election on the Wrangell assembly. Three other candidates are in the running as well. Those are Caitlin Cardinell, Drew Larrabee and Jennifer Ridgeway. Current assembly member Jim Debord is not running for re-election.

For the school board, all but one seat is open this election. David Wilson is seeking re-election. Six other candidates are in the running. Those are Cyni Crary, Beth Heller, Jayme Howell, Jeanie Arnold, Sheri Ridgeway and Patti Gilbert. Aleisha Mollen and Jessica Rooney recently resigned from their posts. Annya Ritchie is not running for re-election.

Two seats are open on the port commission. John Yeager is the only candidate.

While the ballot is final, folks can still write-in their preferred candidate. Anyone wanting to be considered as a write-in candidate still needs to file their intent with the city. If any seats are still open after the elections, the assembly will make appointments to those roles.

Election Day is October 1.