Wrangell’s city elections wrapped up Tuesday night, but all ballots weren’t counted until Thursday. That means a race that was too close to call has finally been decided.

It wasn’t until 41 absentee ballots were counted that Wrangell School board seats would be certain. Four of five seats were open this year. As of Tuesday night it looked like Cyni Crary would take a three-year term. Once all ballots were in, it turned out incumbent David Wilson was re-elected to his seat by just seven votes. Beth Heller, Jeanie Arnold and Patti Gilbert will also join the board.

It was clear from Tuesday night’s election results that the Assembly would add newcomer Drew Larabee. Long-term assembly members Julie Decker and Patti Gilbert ran for uncontested seats, so they’re both in for another three years. Anne Morrison was appointed last year to the board, and was re-elected for another year.

Final election results were certified Thursday night.