Terry Courson is a retired cop in Wrangell. He helps organize the local Rod and Gun club. (June Leffler/ KSTK)

Talk on the Rock is KSTK’s live call-in show. Every Tuesday at 1pm we welcome a local guest to discuss events and topics of interest to our little island town. For this week’s episode, host June Leffler spoke with Terry Courson about Wrangell’s Rod and Gun Club. The group promotes responsible and recreational gun use, along with fishing. Terry says he’s a firearm enthusiast, but he’s also had many years of formal training in the military and as a police officer. He also helps organize weekly shooting practice for, mostly, women on Thursdays.

Terry spoke about the recent improvements to the 300-yard shooting range. With $14,000 in fundraising, Rod and Gun was able to renovate the roof at the range and build a pathway. Rod and Gun, with the help of Parks and Rec and the Stikine Sportsmen, is looking to raise $100,000 in grants to completely redo the skeet shooting range. Terry hopes that will inspire a high school club to form as well.

Rod and Gun will host its Turkey Shoot on Dec 14.