Gov. Mike Dunleavy is visiting the Southeast town of Wrangell next Tuesday. That’s according to Wrangell Mayor Steve Prysunka who says the governor’s office has been coordinating with city officials for a Feb. 4 trip.

“We’re very pleased to have been chosen for a visit,” Prysunka says. “Maybe we can sort of come up with some solutions, because everyone has problems. I’m just hoping that we can find some ideas that would help the governor to meet our needs. ”

The mayor has been critical of the impact of the governor’s budget cuts especially to ferry service, but Prysunka says the governor will be warmly welcomed.

City officials confirmed meetings with the Wrangell assembly, local tribe, chamber of commerce and the school district. A community wide meeting is tentatively set for the evening. 

Dunleavy’s spokesman Jeff Turner told KSTK that the governor will be holding a number of community meetings around the state. But he says the governor’s office won’t confirm the times, dates and places until the schedule is finalized.