Mayor Prusunka and Borough Manager VonBargen give today’s update including information from the case of COVID-19 in Petersburg.

VonBargen discusses the transmission of coronavirus on hard surfaces. This combined with the observance of playground users co-mingling leaves the borough with the decision to close city parks and playgrounds.

VonBargen further discussed a publication reporting that a tiger in the Bronx Zoo has been diagnosed with coronavirus. If this is true, it means the virus can spread to animals. Since it is unclear which animals may or may not be carriers, everyone is reminded to observe the leash law and/or keep pets contained.

Homemade masks will soon be available in Wrangell. Email to make your request or call the library at 874-3535 to request a mask. Masks will then be picked up at the library. When they are available, people can call the library 5 minutes ahead of arrival and the library staff will place the requested mask on the bench outside the front doors. Listen to this information and more in this audio edition.