Mayor Prysunka and Borough Manager VonBargen speak about how the Assembly and City is working to proceed with local ordinances to enact more strict regulations in Wrangell without exceeding the City of Wrangell’s authority. The goal is to take action as quickly as possible while staying within legal bounds.

Today Governor Dunleavy extended the closure of schools through the rest of the school year.

Dr. Zink recommends extending the distance to 20 feet between people when outside running or other heavy exercise that causes heavy breathing.

Wrangell was expecting 3 more ventilators to come to WMC. However, FEMA commandeered those vents and they are not coming to Wrangell.

Thanks to everyone for social distancing and continued hand washing. The only way to keep the spread down is to stay away from each other. Staying home is keeping the virus from spreading.