Borough Manager Von Bargen references Wrangell’s COVID-19 testing numbers. A total of 69 tests have been conducted. 61 came back negative and 8 are still pending.

Everyone is doing a great job with cleaning, washing hands and sanitizing. Von Bargen reminds everyone to practice good toilet etiquette. Please do not flush any wipes. The city has spent thousands of dollars replacing pumps because inappropriate items are often flushed. Flushing wipes costs Wrangell thousands of dollars each year.

The state is preparing mandates related to independent fishing vessels. Fishermen are encouraged to tune in for that mandate coming out.

The Governor is expected to announce launching phase 1 of opening the economy. This may include personal care services and some ability for restaurants and bars to open. However, it will be up to the individual business owner to be ready to open in a responsible manner. Robust testing and virus tracking is expected to be part of the process.

One key to safely opening business in Wrangell is for everyone to commit to wearing masks while in public. Continue wearing masks, social distancing and washing hands. These measures are essential to our ability to open businesses.