Governor Dunleavy announced yesterday that he is lifting some restrictions on certain businesses beginning this Friday.

Restaurants will have limited dine-in service. Only 25% capacity will be allowed in restaurants. Patrons must make reservations in advance. Only people living in the same household may be seated at tables in restaurants. Social distancing must be observed by all staff and patrons at all times. All restaurant staff must wear face masks. All patrons are encouraged to wear masks. All business opening is optional, no business is mandated to open.

Other personal service businesses such as hair salons and massage therapists will be allowed to open on a limited basis with social distancing observed and if everyone wears face masks. Both business owner and customer must wear masks and retain a 1 to 1 ratio. In other words, one customer per staff member. Six feet must observed between work stations and appointment in advance are required. Please don’t use cash.

Gyms and fitness businesses may open outdoor classes while maintaining social distance.

Some fishing charters will be allowed. All customers must be of the same household or only occupy 25% of boat capacity if mixed households.

The Governor extended Mandate 10 – Interstate travel until May 19. Mandate 11 – Social Distancing is extended until further notice but expands the number of people in a socially distanced gathering from 10 to 20 people. Mandate 12 – Intrastate has been extended until further notice.

Anyone who is traveling for critical workforce infrastructure must file a travel safety plan with the state. That plan is then approved by the state and forwarded to the municipality. Anyone traveling from outside Alaska, or Interstate travel, must quarantine for 2 weeks. Anyone traveling within Alaska, or Intrastate, must file a travel plan with the state that clearly states how they will safely enter the community they are traveling to.

PLEASE wear face masks. Find yours at or at the library.

Thanks to everyone’s hard work and dedication, Wrangell still has no reported COVID-19 cases.