In tonight’s update:

Borough Manager VonBargen reports that Governor Dunleavy’s has allocated 3.81 million in CARES funding for Wrangell. VonBargen is waiting to hear from the legislature if that amount is firm. Wrangell is also expecting to receive a $35,000 COVID mitigation grant. The Wrangell Airport will receive $20,000 for improvements.

The governor’s office called to ask if Wrangell is opening for business in accordance to Mandate 16. This gave Manager VonBargen an opportunity to address some of the conflicts and confusion within Mandate 16. Explanation, clarification and information from the state is expected.

Assembly member DeLong provides update from the Re-Open Wrangell Responsibly Task Force.

Hospital Administrator Leatha Merculieff from Wrangell Medical Center says WMC is in ready mode for COVID patients. WMC started testing employees today, all employees will be tested by the end of the week. Dr.Lynn Prysunka says SEARHC has local testing supplies for symptomatic cases. Assembly member Decker indicates the state may provide additional testing supplies for fishing industry personnel.

Superintendent Lancaster brought forward that the school district is working on a plan for kids in the event that parents become ill.