The City’s letter to the Governor was sent and received. A formal response is expected in the near future.

The Forest Service has cancelled all outside hiring and is hiring locally.

Wrangell officials attended two meetings on Friday organized by Alaska Municipal League relating to small vessel travel. The first meeting was with municipal officials working together on a document listing community concerns. This document was forwarded by AML to officials from the Passenger Vessel Association and Alaska Travel Industry. The second meeting was with leadership from PVA and ATA. The PVA Chair of the Overnight Cruising Subcommittee indicated that it is highly unlikely there will be cruising of any kind throughout SE Alaska this year.

The State of Alaska is breaking the state into fisheries regions. They’re planning a SE meeting on Thursday. The meeting is limited to 70 people total. They’ve asked for one representative from each area.

The Re-Open Wrangell Task Force reports local businesses are encouraged to look for the Paws Before You Enter insert in the newspaper ready for posting on business doors. On Friday, May 15th at 1:00 pm and at 2:30 pm there will be a Q and A session for business and locals. This will take place in the downtown pavilion. Everyone attending will socially distance.

The Assembly agreed to move to a once a week Wrangell Assembly COVID Update schedule. Meetings will be on Thursdays.