Mayor Prysunka reports no known cases of COVID in Wrangell. Governor Dunleavy has lifted the last of the restrictions and Alaska will be open for business as of 8:00 am Friday. Social distancing and wearing masks is still advised while out in the community. Some critical infrastructure restrictions are still in place. Even though we have more flexibility it is very important that we continue to wash hands, stand 6 feet apart and wear masks in order to keep things progressing in a positive manner.

There have been no Assembly conversations on the 4th of July. The Wrangell Chamber is considering all of the options.

Tomorrow night there will be a small cruise ship meeting. One company is looking at bringing ships to Wrangell in June. There will be a persons to be heard segment at the meeting. People are encouraged to sign up under persons to be heard to share opinions and concerns.

A local fish processor is bringing workers into town. They have been in communication with the City and SEARHC on testing workers new to town.

Wrangell seems to be ready and prepared for an outbreak should there be one. We should be able to manage that possibility.